Ativan or Valium

Benzodiazepines are some of the most popularly used, as well as abused, prescription drugs in America. Several types exist to cater to the different types of anxiety like symptoms that exist. Some of the most common of all presented to sufferers of these or similarly debilitating disorders are Ativan and Valium. Since one of the unintentional side effects of these medicines is sleepiness, they are repeatedly used to help cope with insomnia.

Short term Versus Long Term

Ativan has a short half life, so they are taken usually regularly by a user dealing with generalized anxiety disorder. This is marked by steady, unfounded fears or phobias or hypochondria. So taking Ativan for anxiety medication is sort of a cautionary measure taken before anything actually happens.

The way these medicines are manufactured is that there’s no peak, which means that there is a general plateau when feeling the healing properties, as long as each dosage is taken as directed. There are variants of both medications that belong to separate classes and it is up to you and your clinician to figure out what works best for you physically as well as psycho-physically.

On the other hand, Valium works much more rapidly, meaning it is absorbed faster into the blood stream, and it’s effects come in more intense and then taper off. Between Ativan and Valium, Valium is more widely chosen for people before surgery, or even during if you are supposed to keep conscious during it.

Controversies with Ativan and Valium Prescriptions Ativan pharmacies are just as widely available as any other rx necessary drug. However, there are some critics that believe that there is more than meets the eye, given how many different types of each classification of medicine there are, as well as the countless generics on the market.

One recent law states that physicians do not need to inform their patients if they are receiving commission from pharmaceutical manufacturers, or if they own a portion of the company. This is important in that you may be getting a variant of Valium or Ativan that is not safe to sell, yet it sold due to a biased doctor. Many have not been extensively tested and the maker’s are eager to put it on the market by means of bribes and promotional tactics.


Unfortunately, this means that you may not be getting the safest product and you may be paying for more, both in terms of Ativan dosage as well as quantity of it when you really do not need it. It is important to make sure that the therapist or medical professional you visit does not have a history of criminal behavior or any coercive ties to any company. There are databases available as well feedback from other patient’s to check before setting up an appointment. Also, second opinions are highly valued since misdiagnosis is so easy.