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What Does Anxiety Feel Like?

By Michael JAY | Natural Anxiety Relief Articles

Aug 05

Very many people ask a perfectly valid question – What Does Anxiety Feel Like..?

We all have times of stress in our life but it doesn’t mean we are suffering from ‘panic or anxiety attacks’; still when it starts to become a worry we begin to wonder quite naturally, ‘what does anxiety feel like?’

What Does Anxiety Feel Like

What Does Anxiety Feel Like…?

Below are a few examples from real people who explain in real terms how they feel when an anxiety or panic attack creeps up on them.

These are real quotes from sufferers of anxiety and panic attacks. We put them here so you can identify with people who have been where you are and come through it.

So what does anxiety feel like – does this sound like you – ‘I feel real dread , I’m so frightened that I can hardly breath , I’m really worried , my heart is beating so fast and skipping beats, I’m now sweating like a pig and nail biting, I’m beginning to feel really depressed, I cant talk straight.

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If this is you it will be effecting you in most of your daily activities, It’s UNBELIEVABLY hard to control your thoughts, it’s as if someone is running your mind with the most unthinkable fear, you notice things in your breathing and surroundings, everything you  normally wouldn’t care or even think about it. Concentration on everyday tasks, has become impossible; you just can’t do it.

So, if you want to know, what does anxiety feel like for real sufferers; keep reading.

It feels like its wrapping itself around your throat, and gripping at your stomach, you want to cry, you start breathing heavy, your head is pounding and you’re hot and sweaty, you want to run out of wherever you are and go in your bed and just rock yourself.

- What Does Anxiety Feel Like -

What Does Anxiety Feel Like – Don’t Panic

Stress and anxiety seems like something to be ashamed of, it feels like a buzzing in your head and a knot in your tummy.

It’s the sensation you get when you see the deputy’s lights in the rear view mirror. It’s the feeling you get when someone informs you that your husband was in a traffic pile-up and he’s at the medical facility seriously hurt and you have no idea if he’ll live or die.

What does anxiety feel like -it’s the sensation you get when you are stood on the high dive looking down, and there’s a line behind you, and you cannot return, and you are so frightened that you cannot move.

It resembles your biggest enemy who hates you and who follows you around everywhere whispering in your ear that each and every single thing you do was messed up and wrong, and you cannot do anything right, and if you attempt to do something, you are will simply mess it up or worse.

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Sometimes, when everything hits at once, it resembles getting a jolt of electricity straight through you. And, late at night, when everyone else is sleeping, the voice is still there, whispering that it’s all screwed up and it’s your fault, and you’re still attempting to argue with it, however it never shuts up. And, your heart is beating so loud that the sound is keeping you awake.

But, there are no deputy lights. There was no phone call about a traffic accident. It’s a regular day, and the sun is shining, you know if there are some problems, you understand, logically, that there’s no reason for you to feel THAT bad about it.

And, yes, late during the night you ask yourself if that voice will ever shut up, and if that buzzing in your head and that knot in your stomach will ever disappear, and if your heart beat will just be quiet, just this once, so you can get some sleep.

Nevertheless, you understand that depression can also make it difficult to control your thoughts, to concentrate and to remember things, and depression also makes you feel like life will never improve.

Their is a subtle difference between depression and anxiety, with depression you are sad, or have no inspiration, or just don’t care. With stress and anxiety, you feel scared, insufficient, guilty or nervous or all three.

With anxiety It feels like you are about to jump out of your skin, like you are in a total state of panic. Your heart is racing and you are breathing really fast and your mind is racing attempting to find out exactly what is taking place!

Yes, you can’t think directly. You’re mind is jumping all over the place. You start one thing and find yourself doing something else. Stress and anxiety seems like hell.

You feel spread all over the place. Like you are in pieces. Your head feels weird. Pounding, however not always a headache. You can even have trembling hands. There does not even need to be a significant cause. It could be something actually minor or absolutely nothing at all.

What does anxiety feel like; is often just your ideas running riot. Sometimes your fears can get out of control and you begin with the “what if’s” scenario:

Like you start picturing “what if this or that happens” and on and on and on. Your head, your thinking can drive you crazy and you discover it hard to calm down and relax.

I have put these real-life scenario’s here purely to show you, that you are not alone in your plight and people who suffer from these problems do come through them, with a little help from their friends.

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I hope you have found this article – What Does Anxiety Feel Like – informative, and you will share your own experiences below in the comment box and please take the time to click on the share button, many thanks; see more articles on Natural Anxiety Relief HQ on our home page.

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