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Social Anxiety Disorder Test

By Michael JAY | Natural Anxiety Relief Articles

Dec 01

You may not have come across the Social Anxiety Disorder Test

Social Anxiety Disorder Test

Social Anxiety Disorder Test

Social Anxiety can be crippling for adults, so a Social Anxiety Disorder Test can help clarify things in their mind, even when they recognize that what is happening is unreasonable and crippling; they still suffer (often in silence) and it does not help if someone tells them there is nothing to be afraid of because:

  1. What they fear is very real and the symptoms are no less real for them.
  2. Being told otherwise only confirms their fear that they will be judged or publicly humiliated.

What is Social Anxiety disorder?

For some people symptoms of their Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD) can be so severe that they will do anything to avoid exposure to stressors and they might even severely isolate themselves to avoid social situations.

Although there is no laboratory social anxiety disorder test to establish a diagnosis for SAD, there is a questionnaire one can use to self-assess at home or with a doctor.

How is SAD Assessed?

The social anxiety disorder test is called the Liebowitz Anxiety scale (LSAR).

The questionnaire asks 24 questions involving social phobias and asks the subject to indicate on a scale of 0-3 the level to which they fear the stressor and the level to which they will try to avoid it.

The social anxiety disorder test asks questions about things one would do in public places such as eating, talking to a group, using public restrooms, talking on the telephone and events of that nature.

After you complete the self-test, you submit it for immediate assessment of your answers.

The test score will be added and then you will be given a scale measurement regarding how likely it is you have SAD and how severe your case may be.

Once you know your score on the test you and your therapist can decide your next of course action.

The LSAR is a participant based assessment. It does no good to fib or try to fake a response that you think will make you look better to the assessor.

You are taking the social anxiety disorder test to figure out if you suffer from SAD, so make sure you are as honest as you can be with the questionnaire.

If a question is not a situation that you would normally encounter, then answer how you imagine you may react to the occurrence.

How to use the results of the social anxiety disorder test

If you take the test on your own online and you find that the test confirms your self-diagnosis of SAD you should then print out a copy of the assessment results and take it with you to a therapist.

Your therapist can then use talk therapy and other therapeutic tools to help you deal with your situation.

The answers to the assessment will help him pinpoint where your stressors are so he can use either Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to help you work on your thinking processes or Exposure Therapy to help you become desensitized to the stressors.

Self-assessment with an online test like the LSAR is useful to help you see where your particular stressors are and it may help you see that what you are feeling is very real to you and no one can or should tell you any different.

But, don’t try to treat yourself without at least considering the very useful natural remedies a therapist can provide you.

The symptoms of SAD look a lot like performance anxiety that many people experience when they are in public, but for those who suffer from intensely debilitating symptoms it is a lot more than stage fright or mild discomfort.

It almost becomes a way of life for the sufferer and that is no way to live.

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