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How to Stop Panic Attacks Naturally

By Michael JAY | Natural Anxiety Relief Articles

Nov 16

Allow others to help you find relief from anxiety and show you how to stop panic attacks naturally!

No.1 question we get asked – Can anyone tell me how to stop panic attacks naturally?

Natural anxiety relief techniques are a safe and effective means to help one who is dealing with stress that is so intense that it never seems to go away.

Sometimes the stress becomes so common in a person’s life they don’t even realize that their state of alertness and nervousness is not actually natural; it just feels like it is.

Most approaches for a natural anxiety treatment require time and patience, but it is well worth the effort to follow through with treatment plans. If you recognize that you are feeling more anxiety than usual or someone close to you talks to you about your stress level, you may want to look into treatment.

How to stop panic attacks naturally - Panic button

How to stop panic attacks naturally – Panic button

First line of defense on how to stop panic attacks naturally

The first line of defense is to go to your medical care provider for a complete physical.

Inform your provider of your stress symptoms and ask them to test your thyroids, hormones, and digestive tract for possible physical issues that may imitate the symptoms of stress.

If treatment is required, follow your doctor’s suggestions to help resolve those physical issues.

Often times, various parts of the human body are affected by the buildup of stress.

You should also consider visiting a psychotherapist who can work with you to help reduce the emotional effects that anxiety can have on the mind.

Anxiety is often a debilitating condition that will benefit greatly from talk therapy and other interventions that your therapist can use with you and teach you to do for yourself.

It is never a ‘weak’ character trait to seek assistance: Rather, it takes ‘strength’ to recognize you need help.

Sometimes, medical practitioners want to prescribe medications to help reduce the effects of stress on you, but you may want to try to avoid taking prescribed medications.

Those drugs such as Ambien, BuSpar, and Xanax tend to be highly addictive and mask the symptoms and sometimes even worsen symptoms.

The essentials for anxiety relief and how to stop panic attacks naturally

The essential purpose of natural anxiety relief is to reset or reboot the mind’s proper function so that the body functions better, too.

Unlike medications that merely treat the symptoms, natural treatments for anxiety work to help the sufferer recover and rebalance his or her life.

The keys to rebalance one’s life are to create real lifestyle and dietary changes.

Talk therapy to find the root causes, and the use of relaxation techniques to help deal with sudden panic attacks.

You will need to develop a personal arsenal to defend your mind and body from the stressors in your life when discovering how to stop panic attacks naturally.

  • Bio-identical HRT: Although this is a prescribed treatment, it is actually derived naturally so it is useful to help return your body to its natural balance in the brain’s functions. Certain herbs also affect the body’s hormones naturally: passionflower, valerian, and chamomile.
  • Dietary choices: Choose the right foods that help normalize or balance two important hormones that affect the body as much as they affect the brain: insulin and cortisol.
  • Eat proteins at the start of the day so you will feel full (but not too full). Protein helps stabilize insulin.
  • Eat whole foods that are nutrient rich that are low on the glycemic index.
  • Avoid eating until you are too full and avoid allowing yourself to get too hungry. You need to create a constant balance within your body so that these two important hormones can do their jobs to protect your brains neurotransmitters.
  • Mind and body balance: It may feel odd in the beginning to use some of these techniques, but in no time at all they will become as natural as anything else you do in life.
  • Breathing exercises: Very important.
  • Physical exercise such as calisthenics, brisk walks, or jogging.
  • Yoga or tai chi: You might surprise yourself.
  • Self-hypnosis ( a therapist can teach you how to do this)
  • Meditation: Works wonders for some sufferers.
  • Bio feedback: a way to get feedback from the body to measure how relaxed you are.
  • Gentle reminders to relax: Normal every day activities can be quite therapeutic.
  • Listen to music: preferably something gentle.
  • Walk: take your music with you (2 birds with 1 stone).
  • Reading: Stretching: Smiling: Eating chocolate: Your favorite food.
  • Sex: Did I really suggest that, – apparently it greatly decreases stress levels.

Therapy can help you find relief and how to stop panic attacks naturally

A psychotherapist can apply his/her own techniques from his/her toolbox to help you deal with anxiety; even the most severe cases such as OCD, PTSD, Panic Attacks, and Social Phobias.

Actually, Severe Anxiety Disorder (SAD) is highly treatable, so try to be open to the tools your therapist wants to use for you for on how to stop panic attacks naturally:

  • Exposure Therapy: This technique helps you confront the stressors in your life that produce irrational fear so that you can learn to recognize that the dangers are virtually non-existent.
  • Hypnosis: Do not worry that you can be harmed or unwittingly do anything you don’t want to do. Hypnosis is merely a means for the therapist to communicate with your subconscious mind so that it can in turn communicate with the conscious mind with a stressor appears. Eventually, your therapist may teach you self-hypnosis. Please, keep in mind that it is impossible to get ‘stuck’ in a state of hypnosis.
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: CBT helps you to process how stressors affect you. Your therapist will help you learn to recognize the self-talk that you put yourself through that in turn triggers an anxious response to events around you. Once you recognize the self-talk and how it defeats you, she will then teach you how to shut off the negative self-talk and replace it with positive self-talk.

Therapy is a form of natural anxiety treatment that is effective for people who are willing to communicate their concerns and worries to that the therapist who can help you find a path away from the emotional and physical quagmire of anxiety that is currently making your life a living hell.

People who suffer from mild to severe anxiety often feel as if they are all alone in their suffering.

They sometimes hide it so well that they succeed in creating that feeling of being alone with their pain.

But, there are powerful techniques for natural anxiety relief available if you allow yourself to step out of your isolation and seek assistance from someone who cares enough to help you to learn how to stop panic attacks naturally.

Below is a video which I think will help you really slow down and get your balance back;
it is certainly amazingly relaxing and is one weapons against – how to stop panic attacks naturally!

I hope you enjoyed the video and it provided some benefits for you in how to stop panic attacks naturally.


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