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How to Stop an Anxiety Attack

By Michael JAY | Natural Anxiety Relief Articles

Nov 16

How to Stop an Anxiety Attack – Get anxiety relief in your home, naturally!

We want to know how to stop an anxiety attack before it gets out of control, the purpose of natural anxiety relief is to rid oneself of the symptoms due to the stressors that cause anxiety without medications that can be addictive and leave the mind feeling numb, so this post is all about – How to Stop an Anxiety Attack.

How to stop an anxiety attack - Natural Anxiety Relief

How to stop an anxiety attack

Anxiety is not a new concept and it isn’t isolated to just this era. Humankind has always sought ways to alleviate symptoms of stress. The strategies and techniques from centuries ago are still used today because they work now as well as they did then.

Unlike today’s medications so many psychiatrists and general practitioners are so willing to provide their patients, a natural anxiety treatment is intended to show you how to stop an anxiety attack by actually resetting or rebooting the physical and emotional roots, causes and effects of anxiety.

The physical and herbal remedies work to create a healthier equilibrium rather than dull the mind and the senses that most prescribed medications do and also tend to be addictive as well.

Not all medical approaches are inherently negative.

Psychotherapy or ‘talk’ therapy can be quite effective to help a person discover why they experience anxiety that can be quite severe, even leading to panic attacks.

Also, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) can help a sufferer rethink and change his or her reaction to the events. A therapist will be able to teach you relaxation techniques that can help calm your mind and body. These techniques can be particularly helpful when one is experiencing a full-on panic attack.

Hypnosis may also be an effective way to learn how to stop an anxiety attack, naturally.

You can also use natural herbs for anxiety relief with other natural treatments.

For many centuries, before talk therapy even existed, people had to find ways on, how to stop an anxiety attack, to rid themselves of the often painful and emotionally crippling effects of anxiety.

One of the most common herbal treatments may even be in your cupboard right now. Other treatments are easily accessible either at the grocery store or at herbal shops.

How to stop an anxiety attack - Natural herbs for anxiety - Kobe Night View from Nunobiki Herb Garden, Japan

How to stop an anxiety attack – Nunobiki Herb Garden, Japan

Home herbal remedies that may help you right now

We are often asked by others when we are feeling stressed or anxious: would you like a nice cup of tea?

As common as that question may seem, some teas are actually very effective herbal concoctions that help reduce symptoms:

  • Chamomile tea: Most of us have this tea in our cabinets and we may even drink it quite often because of the soothing properties. In fact, chamomile is a natural sedative that old fashioned doctors used to recommend their patients drink when anxiety inducing events would occur. The good news is this tea is readily available in your grocery store (or your kitchen cabinets) and it is safe to use even with other medications. It is meant for short term use, but many folks drink it every evening with no ill-effects.
  • Lemon balm:  This herb is in the mint family, but called lemon balm for its lemony taste and aroma. It was used in the Middle Ages to relieve stress, help improve sleep, and improve mood. It was also used as an aid for indigestion. A daily dose of 600 mg is usually recommended and it can be used in dry form as an infusion for tea.
  • Passionflower: This is a powerful herb that is comparable to benzodiazepine that is said to help improve mental performance. It also induces drowsiness. This herb can be taken in capsule form or it can be used as an infusion for tea. Unlike the two previous herbs, passionflowers sedative properties are so strong that is should not be taken with any other sedative, especially prescribed medications.

The herbs mentioned above are some of the most common used herbs that tend to be safe to use. Many other herbs, however, while usually safe, should be used and monitored by a doctor.

Carefully research herbs you are interested in trying and pay particular attention to warnings regarding incompatibility with other herbs or prescription medications.

Aromatherapy is another effective herbal treatment

Most herbs are available in infusions of oil that create a relaxing scent.

Before you negate the effectiveness of ‘smell therapy’ as hooey, think of the way certain smells pique your interest: cookies, bacon, and coffee.

Those scents transport you to a feeling of joy or even just hunger.

Smell is just another path for the brain to react to its surroundings.

When you put the power of smell in that context you may realize why aromatherapy works.

Just as ingested teas made from various herbs help calm the body, the aroma of various herbs help the mind find its path to a comfortable place to escape from the stressors that cause anxiety.

You should try various scents until you find the one that works best for you:

  • Bergamot
  • Cypress
  • Geranium
  • Jasmine
  • Lavender
  • Melissa
  • Rose
  • Sandalwood
  • Ylang-ylang

Lavender is one of the most common herb scented oils that may be available in combination with other compatible scents.

The oils can be used in candles, massage oils, and infusers.

This method of relaxation is readily available at most herbal shops or candle shops.

Create your haven from stress

You can also create a relaxing haven in your home or perhaps an outdoor place that calms you when you are feeling anxious.

Your haven can be your escape when you need it. Let your family know you are feeling stressed and you need to get away for a bit.

Then try some of these techniques to help you find some natural anxiety relief.

  • Breathing exercises: Learn to slow down with calm slow breaths. Concentrate on the inhale and exhale of your breaths. Feel your lungs expand and contract.
  • Listen to music: Choose music that transports you to a place that brings happy memories to mind.
  • Guided imagery: Close your eyes and think about the places that make you feel safe.
  • Walk: Enjoy your surroundings and feel your feet touch the ground as you move through the world; take the time to slow down.

This may all sound rather simplistic, but before the medical field created therapy and prescription medications to help with anxiety, humankind had to find their own answers on, how to stop an anxiety attack; so they created natural means to improve their lot in life.

These natural anxiety relief herbs and relaxation techniques have been around for a long time because they really do work.

Now you have some weapons in your armoury on how to stop an anxiety attack, you can learn to start relaxing by listening to this music: Serenity in the Midst of Turbulence.

When you feel a little stressed, come here and unwind.

I hope you have found this article – how to stop an anxiety attack – informative, and you will share your own experiences below in the comment box and please take the time to click on the share button, many thanks; see more articles on natural anxiety relief hq on our home page.

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