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How to Cope with Anxiety

By Michael JAY | Natural Anxiety Relief Articles

Dec 02

Would Like to Learn How to Cope with Anxiety?

People who want to learn how to cope with anxiety will find a wealth of information in self-help books, audio MP3s and therapy sessions.

How to Cope with Anxiety

How to Cope with Anxiety

Options for coping range from mental and physical strategies to home herbal remedies to prescribed medications.

You can start on your own just to see what works even a little bit. In this way you can work with a therapist to figure out what will work best for you.

In fact, when you first meet a therapist about how to cope with anxiety he or she will ask you about your stressors and how you respond to them.

They may ask you what strategies you have tried and whether you felt they were effective.

Let’s say you decided to try herbal remedies and you found a tea that really relaxes you, your doctor may note that the particular tea is a natural sedative.

This knowledge will help the therapist figure out what talk methods may work, such as hypnotism or which prescribed medications may be effective in how to cope with anxiety; if the two of you decide to go that route.

Preferably, the both of you will choose the most natural remedies before using the prescribed medications.

When you are in the midst of an attack you can’t run to your therapist to help calm your attack so you will need to learn some techniques on how to cope with anxiety that you can use on your own, that may be effective in the short term:

  • Breathing Exercises will help you when you are experiencing an attack by forcing you to focus on your slow inhales and slower exhalations.
  • Guided Imagery will help you calm your mind by effectively taking it away from the stressor. You should think about a place that makes you feel safe and imagine the way the place feels for you.
  • Repeat a mantra that means something to you. It doesn’t matter if it makes sense to anyone else so long as it does to you. The mantra will help take the focus away from the stressor.
  • Walking will help remove you from whatever it is that is stressing you and it will also force you to slow down. You may feel like a horse that is champing at the bit and wants to run and run to get away. This is counterproductive as it will not calm your racing heart or help with shortness of breath. Instead walk slowly and deliberately to calm yourself and get away from your stressor.

Those coping techniques will be effective for severe and sudden anxiety that is often described as an attack. Other methods for long term anxiety that has been getting to you all day or all week will be more effective such as:

  • Drink a relaxing chamomile tea or try some lemon balm.
    • Steep a tea bag of chamomile tea for 10 minutes and drinking prior to bedtime
    • Try 600 mg of Lemon Balm, which can also be taken as a tea.
  • Learn self-hypnosis
    • One cannot ever get “trapped” in a trance nor can one ever be made to do unusual things while in hypnosis.
    • Your therapist may be able to teach you a technique.
  • Exercise
    • Relaxing yoga or swimming may take you away from the stressor and help relieve your body.
    • Heightened physical exertion may help you burn energy and help naturally burn excess sugars released by the processes in your brain that respond to anxiety.

Coping strategies are a great way to help you deal with the intense physical and emotional effects of anxiety on the body and mind. Try these helpful natural remedies and strategies to help cope with anxiety.

Remember, you are not alone, so please don’t suffer in silence any longer, if you have anything to add to ‘how to cope with anxiety‘ please leave your comments below and do share.

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