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Coping With Depression

By Michael JAY | Natural Anxiety Relief Articles

Jan 25

Coping with Depression and Anxiety, Naturally!

How writing could be beneficial and help you to heal your Depression and Anxiety and therefore make coping with depression a lot more manageable!

Depression can be a difficult problem that commonly goes unnoticed in the sufferer so, coping with depression and anxiety can become somewhat overwhelming until you start to find ways to help you manage it.

It can be quite paralyzing for the person who is suffering from this disorder; cloaking the individual in a cloud of darkness that stops him or her from thinking clearly and obtaining the help that they need.

Coping with Depression

Coping with Depression

Coping with depression and anxiety often appears so huge and overwhelming that lots of people suffering from this condition, give up without even attempting to help themselves.

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However, composition in the form of writing can be very revitalizing for a depressed individual, specifically due to the fact that it does not include having him or her having to deal with people directly (which can be quite difficult).

While looking for treatment, counseling, and possibly medication are important considerations to take in getting help, writing definitely has a place in recovering from depression.

  • Determine the Issue

One of the things that could make depression so frightening, is that it is difficult to define.

When you write your ideas and sensations down in black and white,  they can be assessed and checked out by you.

Problems always look more feasible and resolvable that way.

Having the ability to see these concerns plainly can help you get a handle on them.

It can even make your issues look smaller sized.

  • Record of Your advancement

As you list your ideas, you have a record of your thoughts and feelings to review and see your progression.

What you were struggling with five years ago or 5 days back may look quite unfamiliar now.

As you review your diary, it can be a help to see, that you came through the battles of the past.

That implies you can make it with your present struggles too, you really can!

Coping with depression - Caricature de Zola par Léandre ca 1900

Coping with depression
Caricature de Zola par Léandre ca 1900

  • Your Inner world

Sigmund Freud had an idea that depression is a sign of some unaddressed issue of the subconscious mind that is in need of tending.

He theorized that the lack of ability of depressed individuals to set about their typical regimen – you can not eat, sleep or concentrate – it appears this is your subconscious mind obliging you to quit everything and start taking note of it.

Regardless of exactly what you think of Freud, penning your inner thoughts does provide you with access to your subconscious, and it’s your personal inner thoughts that are most likely to offer insights into where the problems that are giving you difficulty in coping with depression may lay buried; it is very normal to overlook the obvious when you are suffering from anxiety and depression.

Learning what is in fact in your innermost being can be really informative and aid recovery and so help your mental well-being.

  • Keep your thoughts Exclusive to you

When you are writing your inner thoughts, you do not require the judgment of others or the pressure to appear dazzling or right (we are not looking for Shakespeare, here).

You are not writing for others, but for yourself.

If, in the back of your mind when you are writing; you are thinking of who is going to review your writings and what they may consider of them, you will start writing more for an audience than for yourself because you will be inhibited by your perceived judgements from them .

Eventually, you might decide to share your writings, but most likely just with your counselor, therapist, or trusted confidant.

In the meantime, compose your inner thoughts only for your very own healing and be accountable only to yourself.

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  • Start by Taking Action and Being More Positive

Writing is valuable because at least you are doing something positive that does not require money, making visits or anything else that could appear frustrating when you are depressed.

I wonder, have you ever spent time in company with negative people; they seem to drain you of all your energy, it’s as if they are feeding off you: you come away tired and exhausted.

It may be a good idea to try and pick out the most positive friends you have and maybe feed off their more beneficial positive energy, worth a try at least.

Coping with depression could make you feel extremely helpless, however knowing that you could take solace in writing and spending more time with positive friends and writing down your experiences is really something you can do to help yourself on your road to recovery.

Making It Attractive

As you compose your thoughts and feelings, you might be delighted to find that painful, unfortunate thoughts turn into beautiful expressions.

Your depression can be transformed into something moving, purposeful, and creative.

This could transform your view of your depression.

This is what becoming more positive will do for you; the feeling of empowerment that you will get from turning negativity into positivity is absolutely amazing.

  • Beneficial Exercise

There have been lots of studies on the benefits of regular exercise and the ways it can bring gains to your well-being by giving you higher energy levels and reducing your feelings of tiredness and fatigue.

The exercise you choose doesn’t have to be overly energetic, but try to do it on a consistent basis so it becomes part of your daily routine.

Aerobic exercises are said to be highly beneficial to mental well-being, such as: walking, swimming, cycling and numerous others that I’m sure you are aware of.

I think the main thing is to choose something you enjoy, that way it will never become a chore and you will stick to it.

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Remember, you are not alone, so please don’t suffer in silence any longer, if you have anything to add to – coping with depression and anxiety please leave your comments below and do share.

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