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Anxiety Symptoms in Men

By Michael JAY | Natural Anxiety Relief Articles

Nov 30

Is there a difference between – Anxiety Symptoms in Men and Anxiety Symptoms in Women?

Anxiety Symptoms in Men

Anxiety Symptoms in Men vs. Women

Although both genders suffer from anxiety, the anxiety symptoms in men tend to respond differently in specific ways to anxiety in women. Men tend to develop physiological symptoms to anxiety. Although women may have similar responses in some cases, particular responses are hallmarks for anxiety symptoms in men.

Men deal with stressors on a more internal fashion than women generally do.

Men are socialized to internalize their pains and fears, therefore their bodies tend to take a beating due to the idea that men should “man up” and deal with it.

But, if the stressors are powerful and consuming both mentally and physically, the anxiety that men feel can be truly detrimental to his physical as well as mental and emotional health.

What makes anxiety symptoms in men different?

Men tend to analyze concerns until they can arrive at a solution. And they are taught to keep their worries from those they love in order to keep them safe and secure, so the internal destruction tends to build.

The result is that their bodies and minds tend suffer due to mental and physical overdrive.

Male anxiety symptoms

The constant worry that they can’t or won’t talk about anxiety brings about results in cognitive disruption such as edginess and impatience that may be excessive to events in day to day life.

They may experience fearfulness for themselves and their loved ones if they feel they can’t protect them.

Further anxiety symptoms in men is caused due to their inability to talk about their concerns or worries.

They may suffer sleep disruptions such as restlessness and insomnia which can result in mental and physical fatigue.

Men tend to develop digestive issues like stomach upset or loss of appetite.

They may also suffer from nausea or diarrhea as a result of hormonal imbalances that affect the stomach.

Men also tend to develop heart and respiratory issues that often feel like heart attack. Increased heart palpitations, chest pains, and difficulty breathing seem to mimic heart attacks. Although they are not usually suffering from a heart attack if may be wise to check just in case.

What can be done about these anxiety symptoms that men suffer?

Believe it or not, talk therapy may be the best approach for a man dealing with anxiety attacks.

Most men shut down and don’t talk about their stressors due to the way they are socialized in western societies. Talk therapy may allow a man to discuss what is worrying him in a safe environment so he can alleviate the pressure he feels to be strong for his family and loved ones.

A man may also benefit from learning calming techniques such as slow breathing exercises, gentle exercises like tai chi or yoga, or walking.

Sex is also a great stress reliever that will also strengthen the bonds of his relationships so he can perhaps learn to talk about things with his spouse or partner.

Men need not suffer alone with anxiety attacks. The emotional and physical toll in not worth the price of stoicism and reserve for the sense of pride in “manning up” or some idea of protecting the family from worries and fears trapped inside where no one knows the hurt is there except him.

His spouse or partner can be his strength right along with his therapist and the techniques he learns under his care.

No one should suffer alone when it’s just not necessary.

Your general practitioner should check you over in case your body needs help and a therapist will help you deal with the rest so you can get on with your life in a more positive light.

Well, now you know: anxiety symptoms in men are not always the same as anxiety symptoms in women; any comments please leave below and do click the share button.

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